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By foot:

Middle school may well be the first time your child has walked to school by themself or with a group of friends. We would ask all parents and carers to ensure that their child practises the walk to and from school in order to know where to cross safely. Where possible, pupils should always cross the road using pedestrian crossings and/or the lollipop men and ladies. Pupils are asked to time their arrival at school for 8.35 a.m. and then proceed to the main playground rather than to wait in groups on the path outside the school gates. 

By Bicycle:             

Now that pupils are learning to become independent, some of them will wish to come to school by bicycle. Our recommendation is that pupils in Year 5 do not cycle to school until they have completed their ‘Bikeability’ training in the summer term. However, we leave this decision to individual parents/carers who will be in a position to assess whether their child has the skills required to cycle to and from school safely. 

Bicycles should be padlocked in the school cycle shed at the front of the school.  Detachable equipment such as lamps and pumps should be left at home or taken into school.  Under no circumstances should bicycles be left at school overnight.

All pupils should take great care and respect pedestrians and other road users on their way to and from school.

Pupils must wear correctly fitted cycle helmets and are required to use appropriate reflective clothing and bike lights when visibility is poor. 

By Scooter:

We request that pupils who bring their scooters to school follow the same safety recommendations as for bicycles.  They should wear protective clothing and MUST not use their scooters to perform tricks/stunts as they make their way to and from school.

All cyclists and scooter riders must dismount as they enter the school gates and walk their bike/scooter to the cycle shed, taking care as they do so. 

By Car:              

If you bring your son or daughter to school by car, please drop them outside the school gates, being mindful of congestion and paying due consideration to our neighbours in Mentmore Road and the surrounding area. Please do not come onto the school site unless your child has a specific injury which prevents him or her from walking from the school gates.  Should you need to gain access to the school site, please use the buzzer on either our pedestrian or vehicle access gate. Please do not park immediately opposite the school gates or use the school entrance as a turning circle. Please take notice of the parking restrictions in the area at all times. Traffic officers visit us on a regular basis.

There is also a return bus service operated by Red Kite that picks up from Dunstable and surrounding villages prior to dropping pupils at Cedars Upper School. This service is independent of the school. Please contact Red Kite direct if you would like your child to travel to and from school using this service. Telephone 01525 211441.

 Bus Behaviour Policy

At the bus stop:

  • Always arrive at the bus stop on time.  Make sure you have your pass/money for the journey.
  • Do not play near the road while waiting for the bus.  Wait sensibly, well back from the road.  Show consideration for other pupils and members of the public

When the bus arrives:

  • Wait until the bus has stopped before you move towards it
  • Do not push or rush for the door when the bus has stopped
  • Board the bus in a sensible manner
  • Find a seat quickly and quietly and sit down
  • Listen to the driver and always do as you are asked
  • If seat belts are fitted they must be worn

On the journey:

  • Once on the bus the normal standards of behaviour expected at Linslade will apply
  • When you are on the bus stay in your seat throughout the journey.  Always sit in your seat properly
  • If you have been given a specific seat by a member of staff or the driver you must always use it
  • Never distract the driver in any way
  • Leave the bus clean and tidy – as you would expect to find it
  • Keep the aisle clear.  Bags go under the seat, on the parcel shelf or on your lap
  • Do not touch the emergency equipment or doors (unless you are told to do so by the driver or bus escort)
  • Make sure that your coat, scarf or bag does not get caught in the door when getting on or off the bus
  • Make sure you have all your belongings as you leave the bus
  • Never cross the road when you get off the bus until it has moved away.  Wait until you can see clearly in both directions before attempting to cross the road
  • If the vehicle breaks down or is involved in an accident, remain seated.  Follow any instructions given to you by the driver quickly and without fuss

Waiting for the bus at the end of the school day:

  • If you travel on the Red Kite Bus, cross the road to Cedars carefully and then wait quietly and sensibly in the waiting area until the bus arrives.