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In 2014 the government removed national curriculum levels with the intention of complementing the introduction of a revised, more challenging national curriculum.

Therefore, like all schools across the country, we have our own in-house reporting system for progress.

At Linslade, our feedback and assessment policy aims to provide timely, effective and tailored feedback which meets the needs of all learners. We view effective feedback as an integral mechanism for meeting the needs of all students, providing appropriate levels of challenge and maximising potential.

All pupils in Linslade are assigned a learning pathway for each subject on entry. 


Blue Pathway

Above ARE (Age related expectations)

Lilac Pathway


Orange Pathway

Just below ARE

Yellow Pathway

Below ARE


Children are assigned to a Pathway in year 5 based on their Key Stage 1 test result, taken in year 2 at Lower School.  The Pathways are reviewed and amended at the end of year 6 following the SATs. At Linslade we strive to be aspirational for all our children; with this in mind we uplifted children in Year 8 to a higher more aspirational Pathway.  Please see table below

KS1 Results

Provided by Lower schools

KS2 Scaled scores

Based on SATs result

Uplifted Pathway for aspirational challenge (Year 8 Only)


Yr 5 & 6

Yr 7 & 8

Yr 7 & 8



110 +

105 +



100 - 109




90 - 99




Below 90

84 & below

Within each subject, the pupils will learn essential subject knowledge and develop key skills identified in their assigned Key Progress Indicators (KPIs). The KPIs in each pathway develop in challenge as pupils progress through Middle school, preparing them with the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to achieve or exceed their targets.

Pupils are assessed regularly in lessons through a variety of Assessment for Learning methods and personalised next steps feedback is provided to continually develop their learning.

Formal assessments take place against the KPIs at least once per half term in every subject.

Teachers will assess how well the pupils are progressing against the KPIs in their coloured pathway and will award a grade for progress as outlined below.

Red – Working below their pathway

Light Green – Working as expected within their pathway

Dark Green – Working beyond or strongly within their pathway 

If a pupil is working beyond their pathway (Pathways are fixed for 2 years), they will receive the KPI colour for the level above. This will provide greater challenge allowing them to maximise their learning potential.  Children who are working on a Blue Pathway are given a Platinum Challenge to encourage an even deeper level of learning.

This supports our ethos of having a growth mindset as we encourage pupils to work to the very best of their ability at all times in order to make excellent progress.

As children move through the school the level of challenge at each Pathway colour increases year on year.

Year 5

Year 6             

           Year 7

Year 8

Above ARE


Just below ARE

Below ARE